Betrayal to Nature’s Calling

Miscegenation, a noun, is defined as:
1. marriage or cohabitation between a man and woman of different races, esp., in the U.S., between a black and a white person.
2. interbreeding between members of different races.
3. the mixing or a mixture of races by interbreeding.

In 2006, the gonorrhea rate among black men was 25 times higher than that among white men

In 2006, the gonorrhea rate among black men was 25 times higher than that among white men

While miscegenation or “race mixing” as it is commonly referred to has been around since a short time after man decided to stand straight there has always been an unwritten code that said racial blending goes against Nature. Later, that implicit code of Nature was manifested into outward social behavior complete with penalties, and finally into explicit law. Needless to say these laws have been swept away by political correctness, which is to say that a millennium of strict adherence to racial preservation was wrong and the socio-political oligarchs who burned these laws at the stake are right.To illustrate my point I recently took a cross country flight and observed countless examples of miscegenation complete with children whose visage indicated their in uteri development was in a state of constant flux right up until they were born. No identity, no certainty — and not necessarily between blacks and whites exclusively although that pairing (black males, white females) was by far the most prominent.

(In 2005, blacks accounted for 50% of the AIDS cases diagnosed in the U.S, while being only 13% of the total population.)

At the risk of sounding cliche’ it is through movies, for example, we are subjected to images of young European American girls having sex with black men, the epitome of degeneracy. (Like commercials which are designed to alter behavior so too do motion pictures.) Through the churches we are told over and over again that we are all God’s children and race means nothing compared to “eternity” as long as we are “saved.” Of course schools universities and workplaces beat the same multicultural drum with European Americans targeted for self immolation. Of course it doesn’t help that European American groups do not receive the same federal and corporate financial backing as non-white advocacy groups receive.

To become a healthy people again we have to to do many things in a different way as a nation.  The things we teach our children, and the way we teach them is directly connected to the nature of society, and we can certainly see the results of abdicating that responsibility to the state and the media can’t we? At least in many cases. The kind of government we want, the way the economy works, and the perception people have of themselves is directly tied into the conditioning and education of our young people. If our young people fail because of our inaction, or worse, our laziness, everything else including our genetic continuity will fail, too.

Everything in Nature has a purpose, and humans, like all other species (humans are NOT a race) of the earth, have an instinct that calls them to only mate with others that look, act, and basically share the same genetic origins as themselves. There is nothing criminal or unfavorable in doing so, although there are those who are working to ensure it is. The natural instinct to stay amongst one’s own kind serves the purpose of keeping ALL species of man diverse, so that all species as a whole is less likely to become extinct by a catastrophic or freak occurrence.

In other words while so-called “racism” breeds true diversity, miscegenation through biracial birth rates results in NO diversity. How is that a good thing?

A typical advertisement designed to specifically alter the viewer's perception of themselves.

A typical advertisement designed to specifically alter the viewer's mind.

However, as you can see in the enclosed photographs of the young ladies and their “love interests,” pictures which epitomizes how “progressive” we are in 2008 there is still somewhat of a long way to go in terms of an awakening, but were getting there.

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  1. Miscegenation may be fine for individuals who partake in it but it adversely affects society in many ways, both in the short and long term. It’s breaking up white cohesion and it demoralises many other people who can see where it’s taking us. It should be emphasized that it typically involves whites more than any other racial group. If whites nationalists are allegedly supremacists for wanting to preserve their races’ genetic integrity then that label must also logically apply to many non-Europeans who seek whites as mates very often for the same traits that racially conscious whites cherish.

    When I see a beautiful white woman with a non European (or even male for that matter) I wonder how people can expect that such a unique expression of humanity will continue to exist if miscegenation proceeds at its current rate.

  2. Mr. Roman,

    I really enjoy your radio broadcasts, and I never miss one if I can help it. Thank you very much, you are an inspiration.


  3. I really like your post, Mr. Roman! It’s vital to end miscegenation, especially as I see inter-racial couples almost every day! A White (especially woman) is almost always involved.

    One night, I saw more inter-racial couples (all involving a White) than intra-racial couples. The count was 5 to 4; I walked to dinner, with about an hour for walking.

    We need to combat this. We need to use both emotion and reason. Especially with today’s political correctness in the mass media, we can’t just “villify” inter-racial couples, in official discussion (although subliminal messages about Black Venereal Disease rates, is a great tool. The gonorrhea statistic you presented in the above article is very helpful.) By only “villifying,” in official discussion and/or with emotional White “anti-racists,” we will be perceived as “bigots,” in the ‘mainstream.’ (We need to sound positive in official debate, while also embarassing Black and Brown Hispanic males who don’t stop chasing our women, especially in subliminal messages, in informal discussion. We need to stay postive and objective when necessary, while being more “negative” and subjective when it’s helpful and accepted.)

    My suggestion is to show racial and sub-special differences. We need to frame our debates; no more “human race” fallacies! We need to remember that Homo Sapiens are a Species, not a race. [for scientific reference, Arabs and Pakistanis/Northwest (East) Indians are races separate from our European or greater European race. Non-Caucasians, those from east of East India, and those from south of the African Sahara are even from different sub-specieses.]

    We need to show how the different groups of races and sub-specieses don’t biologically match. They are best for their own kinds.

    It’s also a matter of preservation. We need to remind Whites that our people are on a projected path for complete extinction in less than 200 years.

    Like MightyRedBeard, I have read and listened to your wvwnews posts, and admire them greatly.

    Thank you for the informative material!

  4. Here’s a video of a Levi’s commercial:

    At the end, it shows a “superior” Black African kissing a White girl! It’s obvious propaganda; I thought it might be useful to share, if there is any interest in a legal boycott. Thanks to this, I will never buy Levi’s jeans again.

  5. By legal, I meant lawful to partake in, not judicial-related.

  6. Correction, the interracial kissing is near the end.

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