Face all of the terrible truths that have put our people on the road to eventual insignificance.

by Frank Roman

In order to successfully weaken  today’s one-party system it is absolutely necessary to weaken the elements of dominant control; controls that prevent us as a people from working towards our genetic and cultural survival. And believe me, acting like a run-of-the-mill-tar paper-shack-bigot won’t help anyone. For example while the Internet challenges control of the party line, the expansion of government threatens freedom. In both cases something is being undermined by way of surreptitious activity. What YOU should be working toward is not depictions of ill repute or illegality; but acknowledging we have made today’s social order a prison for ourselves, and  then bringing this fact to other people’s attention.

For starters, many of our people are trapped like rats in the death grip of political correctness because, among other things, they actually believe the races are in some sense “equal” and you ought to point out the sheer idiocy that it would be of no importance if one race is swapped for another–regardless of the nation in question. For another thing our technology has grown while we, as a people, have devolved in our understanding of who we are, concentrating instead on short term gratification through this technology and ignoring the genetic and nationwide consequences of those actions. In other words, many of us are wearing electronic blinders and they absolutely must come off.

Internet-world-wide-web-laptopWe have to stop being cowards and take back our local and national institutions from the real enemy: our own elitist liberal leaders, the media and educational system. You know as well as I do without them the destruction of European America could not continue. You should also want our people to survive by helping to stop the invasion of millions of aliens across our sovereign borders without so much as a shot being fired.

You should yearn to teach our children that their own history and culture is not evil; that their history is one of heroism; that they must actively work against government mandated multiculturalism by replacing apathy with vitality; to face all of the terrible truths that have put us on the road to eventual insignificance. You must raise absolute hell with the purveyors of motion pictures, sit-coms, and tabloids whenever they depict our people in an unfair and unwarranted bad light.

However, the single most intelligent approach to understand is this: while individual efforts and skills are terribly important, it is imperative for European Americans to endure as a group and that for such continued existence, in-depth organization as a group will be necessary.European_Americans_United_Yard_Sign_Small_p01[1] But – let’s be clear: The Board of Directors at EAU is not going to dictate what needs to be done. Other than issuing our E-Voice activism alert or an alert on our news site that leaves the choice up to you, we are not going to “order” you to do anything. We should be hearing from you, the motivated and resourceful European American with definitive ideas and a spine of steel! The organizational framework and fellow activists (other than the Board) you need to work with is either standing by or merely waiting to be a member of EAU. The information you need is out there, like low hanging fruit waiting to be exploited. The remedy for the plight of our people will then rise like a new morning behind the eyes of the hero you see in the mirror everyday.

“Who is Frank Roman?”

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