Arizona: Immigration Enforcement Reality Check

Since the mid sixties the United States has had its own share of government officials and other criminals who have successfully rubbed our noses in diversity. There’s no reason to suspect it has all been something akin to happen stance, or some kind of nebulous cultural shift. Based on a little research and multiple news reports I can only conclude Washington DC has not merely “failed” to control immigration effectively. I say their plot is to deliberately with malice aforethought maintain mass migration from the Third World in order to behead European American identity its culture and people; to replace white America with something else for the sake of political expediency.

Higher taxes to supplement a burgeoning Third World welfare class, the funding of all kinds of non-white pressure groups, mostly Mexican, civil rights tribunals, protected status based on race, political correctness buttressed by harsh legal penalties–all of these and more have been rammed down the throats of European Americans with impunity.

Indeed the drastic social political and demographic upheavals we’ve seen over the course of so many years has been executed on purpose and the proof is everywhere–such as the recent mass demonstrations taking place this weekend by tens of millions of illegal (AND legal) mestizos, 1 May 2010.

Therefore we can only wish Arizona’s tepid little immigration law was explicitly written to target ALL Mexicans and others like them in terms of race. Why? Well who else has been video taped jumping the fence and swimming the Rio Grande from Mexico into the US? Who else is smuggling drugs and humans across the Mexican border? Who else is draining the welfare sysytem, the legal system, the healthcare system and so forth in greater numbers on a percentage basis than anyone else? And if legal swarthy looking immigrants happen to be stopped, who cares? No harm no foul. Fix your own damn country of origin, whose flag is affixed on your car or living room wall, whose language you speak fluently or not at all, if you don’t like being profiled.

While the AZ law gently insists the police are not to target anyone just because they are brown-skinned, that they can only be stopped if they are suspected of another crime or infraction the fact remains that it ought to be explicitly racial — simply because thats who’s here illegally in greater numbers than legal ones. Its not rocket science.

If Ireland was located where Mexico is located, who should the police be looking for? If Norway was located where Mexico is located, who the hell do you think the police ought to be looking for? In fact, who are authorities looking for in the so-called war on terror, Norwegians or Irishmen? No, they’re looking for swarthy, black-eyed Middle Eastern Semites who hate our guts and want to kill us. Of course, Johnny Law won’t come right out and say so because he’s scared to death of being targeted as “racist” by a number of groups his own taxes support: anti-white / non-white Semitic pressure groups who hold court in Washington DC, just like the Mexicans.

As far as liberals and open border bedwetters are concerned: they want all Third World parasites to break the laws of Arizona and the United States because that’s what drives them in their ideological quest to ultimately overwhelm and marginalize European Americans, the descendants of the founding race of this nation. Simple as that. They’ve said as much in countless hate-filled screeds and presentations.

Thankfully however, the stipulation that police are not supposed to racially profile anyone is a moot point. The cops aren’t stupid. They know who the target demographic “just happens” to be. Trust me, they won’t be looking for Europeans, (or Orientals and Africans) of any stripe. It is therefore my hope the police and other immigration enforcement agents who are on the ground will cover their tracks sufficiently as they explictly, deliberately and purposely target Mexicans and other swarthy skinned invaders from the southern hemisphere. That’s what makes sense and that’s what works.

Screw the liberals.

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Media Matters And The Neocons

They shouldn’t fool anyone, but they do.

George Soros funded / hyper leftist / Marx pandering TV “watch dog group” Media Matters has its collective panties in a knot because Fox News big shot Rupert Murdoch has publicly agreed with fellow neocon Glen Beck that President Obama is a racist. “He was right,” said Murdoch.
In July 2008, Glenn Beck notoriously declared that he believes President Obama is “a racist” with a “deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.” For a dyed in the wool neocon who regularly condemns even the remotest form of American white nationalism this is big news. Of course, Beck’s comments played a key part in at least 80 bedwetting advertisers dropping their support of his television program. Various media outlets and talking heads admonished his comments, but Fox News let Beck slide. Why? Because Rupert Murdoch, chairman of News Corp., the parent company of Fox News, says he agrees that President Obama is a racist. Moreover Murdoch went on to say: “And, you know, that was something which perhaps shouldn’t have been said about the president, but if you actually assess what he was talking about, he [Beck] was right.” Media Matters says this is a new low even for Fox, and it is a low they cannot let slide.

NOTE; American White Nationalists have been warning their fellow Americans about Obama’s race hate for years prior to his White House bid. Thanks Rupert.

Therefore George Soros funded / hyper leftist / Marx pandering TV “watch dog group” Media Matters now wants to hold Rupert the Neocon responsible and command that he apologize for his own “intolerable” remarks. They have even gone so far as to reserve some of their unlimited bandwidth in order to deliver signatures to News Corp and demand Murdoch apologize via\action\murdochapology.

Never mind the fact non-white groups have been making off with billions of dollars of taxpayer operating money, specifically in order to maintain their ethnic platforms. Not a peep about it.

The way Media Matters sees it “this type of race-baiting is par for the course for Fox News.” They even cite Fox News president Roger Ailes who has imitated the far left by spending “the better part of his career working as a Republican media consultant, during which time he became known for appealing to racial fears and biases for political gain. Under Ailes’ leadership Fox News routinely employs these same tactics in its ongoing campaign to destroy the Obama administration and the progressive agenda.”  (They actually mean their Frankfurt School / Critical Theory agenda.)

But let’s keep it real here. Glen Becks’ remarks about Obama are an anomaly, and he would just as soon allow himself to be ripped to shreds taking on “white racists” like Jared Taylor or Professor Kevin McDonald. As a neoconservative Beck is part a cabal whose core group consists of neoconservative defense intellectuals, corporate open border advocates, and “pro forma” non-white supporters. In other words they are rightly called “neoconservatives” because many of them started off as anti-Stalinist leftists or liberals before moving to what passes for the “far right.”  Media Matters on the other hand attempts to explain why neoconservative media is biased and declares that, in fact, all communication is biased. They often trot out examples of neoconservative/right wing media bias, race hate, bigotry, etc, and generously explain how we can judge that bias. Never mind the fact they too are made up of defense intellectuals, corporate open border advocates, and “pro forma” non-white supporters. While Media Matters might snow job a number of news consumers the fact remains they are attacking empty suit right wing bias with Critical Theory bias, only whinier than most.

As American White Nationalists we’ll go ahead and continue to utilize, albeit carefully, a few ratings gaffs from the likes of Glen Beck and Rupert Murdoch in order to underscore our justifiable cause. And to hell with Media Matters.

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We at EAU advocate economic nationalism, which places the economy at the service of the nation; we believe that the welfare of our people should supersede all other things, including the ability of multinational corporations and the government to exploit or ignore our people for unbridled profits and uninformed votes. But we clearly have a long way to go. I’m about as sick of being politically ethnically and morally ripped off as you are. While many of us cannot claim to be an economist or a soldier of fortune with the ability to fix the problem, “another tune” needs to be sung as soon as possible.

So don’t ever expect politicians and other know-it-alls to admit that everything is interconnected in the world of prices.

Two Russian economists, Nikolai Shmelev and Vladimir Popov, agree that “the smallest change in one element is passed along the chain to millions of others.” In other words when there is a large increase in the demand for ice cream it can raise the price of baseball mitts. Honest…

When everything is related via systems and sub-systems however distant, arbitrary government policy that sets a finicky goal has unintended consequences that, in turn, have other unintended consequences. When the federal government tried to make home ownership more “affordable” to minorities in the 1990s by coercing the very banking houses they are now bailing out to do so, that wonderful idea ripped through the economy like the flu and gave birth to the current unemployment / Titanic scenario.

Essentially, Congress directed federal regulatory agencies to lean on banks to lend money to people the banks felt could not repay the loans including properly profiled Mexicans and poor blacks. When everything started going to hell, true to form politicians pointed the finger of blame to the banks(!) in order to sidetrack our attention from their own terrible regulations.

Republicans and Democrats bear the guilt and ought to pay in a slow painful manner.

Fear of government is more effective than government itself.

Fear of government is more effective than government itself.

Only in the make believe world of Washington DC will worse regulation fix bad regulation. To say it would be a good idea to reject the poorly revised “affordable” housing Community Reinvestment Act is an understatement.

What’s more, if one looks at the spike in food prices created directly by the push to add ethanol in fuel, or if we look at the unsustainability of Medicare spending, along with the kind of government waste that would put 99.99% of the population in prison, the record of government meddling in the economy has been so unmanageable voters should realize that more regulation furthering centralized control of health care will cost us not only wealth and quality of care, but also the very freedoms our European ancestors fought and died to protect.

However commendable goals might appear to be in the mainstream media, they are not worth the institutional failure history has repeatedly taught us to expect. Like I said, when everything is related via systems and sub-systems, however distant, arbitrary government policy that sets a finicky goal will have unintended consequences that, in turn, have other unintended consequences. In this case we can ultimately & justifiably cite the abject erosion of European Americans’ political social and economic standing in the nation of their fore fathers. Facts are facts. No one voted for this insanity (except for a handful of well organized fetish leaning Bolsheviks).

On the other hand, even now in the eleventh hour we can still turn things around. But in all likelihood it’s liable to be one messy proposition. Get hot.

Facebook: Damnable Hypocrites

European Americans United recently fired off a letter expressing our outrage over the fact that Facebook censored an online social network called Our White Identity. OWI, as the name implies, was a group dedicated to the acknowledgment and preservation of Western Man, i.e. people of European descent. Independently created and maintained by a number of members of EAU, from what we gather, this network not only gained around 1000 members but was operating under a strict code of ethics which all EAU members must agree to when they sign on.

Facebook however felt that a group like OWI was too “extreme” to be allowed a public place on their precious networking site so they dumped it for the ever reliable Violation of Terms. As a matter of fact we understand that several other Eurocentric groups, of whom we are not aquainted with, were pulled down that same day.

EAU’s board stated to Facebook in part:

“As one of the largest networking sites on the World Wide Web, you certainly must be aware that tens of dozens if not hundreds of non-European American, ethnic based groups are using Facebooks’ online services in order to communicate, network and associate with persons who share similar interests; whose standard for membership is that they must be exclusively of non-white origin. The fact that your censors chose to target OWI for participating in activities that are parallel to those of non-European interest groups tells us in no uncertain terms that Facbook is a bigoted, hypocritical, censorious outfit that operates with an ugly assumption of non-white supremacy.”


The Board additionally demanded that Facebook was to present “a list of infractions that are exclusive to OWI and no other group and subsequently reinstate them.” Needless to say they have not complied, so we asked one of the officers of OWI to do a little snooping around in Facebook and see what he could find in terms of Violation of Terms by other ethnic advocacy groups. Here is a partial list:

Black Pride
Black Pride
Black Pride
Black Pride
Black Pride
“Show These Honkies That We Proud! LOL”
Brown Pride (Pakistani/Indian)
Brown Pride (Mexican)
National Council of La Raza (Page)

Presumably these alleged groups are operating as communities become more racially dissimilar. They know it is important to set aside time to acknowledge and educate others on the contributions and diverse abilities of people within their community, while at the same time, reminding themselves of their rich heritage and promising future. In reality though, it appears these groups main and /or secondary motive for existing is to denigrate and attack “honkies.” And the fact these online communites are still functioning tells the world that Facebook is a nest of poisonous hypocrites, damnable hypocrites.
Of course, EAU would like to see Our White Identity brought back online. Help us put some badly needed pressure on Facebook to reinstate a healthy life affirming outfit like OWI.


156 University Ave.
Palo Alto, CA 94301-1605 (Map)

Phone: 650-543-4800
Fax: 650-543-4801

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Celebrate Homogeneity

I’d like to use this Web log to re-post the letter I told you about on 3 January. This is the one where I exhorted all of our fine listeners, members and supporters to copy it and send it to the RNC,  your elected representatives (local and state), their local media  and national media outlets, universities, friends, family and any other political leaning entity you can think of. Yes, that includes an enemies list –if you have one– including local (or regional) borderless immigration supporters, snivel rights groups and other deluded anti-white do-gooders — especially if there are European derived citizens working in these Marxist ops.  Hey, even they deserve the truth sometimes!

The point is EVERYONE needs to know that European Americans, who value not only their present lot in life, but also recognize the growing political social and demographic threat to their posterity, are not all noose-waving Roman saluting mental midgets… or federal agents, whatever the case may be. As we know that approach has not worked too well, except if you are an ADL/ SPLC functionary looking for a scary carrot to dangle in front of adoring supporters. A lucid well defined approach is needed badly and there are a growing number of allies in that category. Of course, ANY positive racial presentation by European American activists is “shocking”  to a large swath of folks at first blush. Sort of like when you first discovered there is no Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy. But the shock passes, a new way of thinking is installed usually over time, and the new reality turns out to be a-okay.


People’s knowledge of their own thoughts and the factors that influence their thinking are called into play whenever someone like YOU puts something “shocking” under a lemmings nose. From that point on the mental process of acquiring knowledge by way of reasoning, intuition, or perception is called into question, and that’s a good thing regardless of the degree of “discomfort” they experience.

In this case you are asked to unashamedly support, promote and celebrate white homogeneity.


Have fun and let us know how it goes. And by the way, feel free to edit or supplement the following communication — in our favor, of course.

Thanks. — Roman

To: Mike Duncan, RNC Chairman
Republican National Committee
310 First Street, SE
Washington DC 20003

Dear Chairman Duncan;

We read with interest that State GOP leaders will soon gather in Washington to begin the development of charting a new approach for the Republican Party.
We also understand that the topic of race will be “fundamental to the discussion,” though not a specific item on the agenda. According to the December 30th issue of the Christian Science Monitor (CSM) there is “a recognition that the Republican Party has to do more to reach out to different constituencies and also shake off a legacy of using race for political advantage.” Also in the CSM piece it was stated that “2008 clearly served as a wake-up call to people in the party and the RNC that it takes more than just your base to win elections.”

We are assuming of course that the “base” you are referring to is European American voters, largely rural, of whom the RNC previously courted by way of the Southern Strategy. Now it appears the RNC plans to explicitly court “different constituencies,” i.e. non-white voters, by shaking off the technique of using race for political gain. This to us is a very ironic position to take.

Washington DC is the most race conscious city in the nation and the effects of years of ethnic pandering that made it so has become quite evident. It is where the anti-white race based Affirmative Action law was crafted and is now enforced. It is where you and / or your colleagues fund race-based groups, like the Mexican lobbyists for LaRaza and African lobbyists for the NAACP who hold sway over our legislative bodies, for example. Curiously, there is no explicit representation for European Americans, sans the Southern Strategy, a voting bloc that still holds around 65% of the US demographic makeup in 2008. As you may know however, that numerical position is slipping away. Recent studies have verified that on or around 2043 European Americans are set to become a minority population; an event which seems to be aligned with the RNC’s call “that it takes more than just your base to win elections?”Clearly then, it appears that for you and the RNC “winning elections” is the sum total of your desired outcome. Additionally, more and more thinking Americans are coming to understand policies favoring the interests of often hateful anti European American populations are adopted –more often than not– under threat of electoral revenge.

The constituents you will seek out belong to, support, or most likely support racially exclusive groups which thrive in the legal atmosphere of Washington, are promoted by the media and academia, and are therefore active across the country. The election of Barack Obama and the top heavy black vote he enjoyed is proof of this, which is to say the RNC now seeks to marginalize an already shrinking population of European American voters in favor of a burgeoning non-white voting bloc, all for the sake of winning elections and nothing more. Therefore we can see the foremost function of the Republicans and Democrats has always been to guard liberal democratic practices that facilitate political correctness, subservience and market transactions at the expense of all else.

How, we ask, has come to pass that unintelligent and irresponsible policies coming out of the Beltway have led to the appearance that greater racial diversity leads to greater originality? This is a question that deserves to be answered. That answer, in our view, lies in the fact that a multicultural top heavy non-white America in the not too distant future will never be equivalent to our homogeneous ancestor’s record of world changing success in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Trivializing the most loyal and innovative segment of the population this nation has ever had is not only ill-advised or irrational, it is immoral — especially when the RNC’s politically correct position is rooted in winning elections and nothing more. Additionally, the RNC cannot continue to pander and supplicate itself to race based lobbies, non-white lobbies, because the Washington press corps shares their values, much of which is based on racial hostility toward European Americans. Along with trepidation and outright fear, your fear, this reason alone to many of your constituents is why so-called conservatives have proved themselves unreservedly helpless at preventing damage to their own country by radical leftists. In fact the RNC’s two standard failings, a need of a spirit of hard line activism and its lack of any clearly defined ideological foundation, has been proven time and time again, especially now with many of your traditional white rural constituents having voted “against” George W. Bush rather than “for” Barack H. Obama.

Adopting a more “inclusive” posture such as the one described in the Christian Science Monitor is defensive rather than offensive, and your only progress will be to emulate leftist orthodoxy, not only further blurring the line between the Republicans and the Democrats but contributing to the political downfall of the descendants who founded this nation; who gave our world the true constitutional meaning of freedom and prosperity.

Moreover, this “inclusive” posture has been tried with John McCain who pandered endlessly to Mexican pressure groups, African-American pressure groups, Israeli lobbies and practically anyone who was not a European-American. This election marked a breaking point where Republicans, if they pay attention, should learn that it is entirely possible to alienate the Republican base sufficiently that it will vote for third-parties, and even vote for a Black democrat rather than support the undermining of conservative principles. It was pandering, rather than failure to pander, which cost Republicans the election. In anticipation of conservatives offering something bold and inspiring, many European Americans will continue to leave your “base.”

Until those claiming to be conservatives adopt a more ground-breaking view of life by restoring America’s constitutional government to one that unambiguously respects the European American people by promoting their interests, including their freedom of political association rather than accepting a new status quo, our nation and ALL of its people cannot possibly emerge triumphant from the life or death struggle in which we are presently engaged.

On behalf of our members and supporters we are;

Mr. Drago Rendl
Mr. Frank Roman
Mr. John Young

Board of Directors
European Americans

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If They Call You a “Nazi…”

As many long time racial activists of European American persuasion already know, whenever the alleged “anti-racists” start to scream and hysterically call you a “Nazi” it is clear that people who do this have long ago decided that the art of thinking is way to hard. So, as they resort to bumper sticker slogans and self centered stupidity it would be worthwhile for European American activists to absorb the following idea.

During this past years’ single party sham of an alleged two party election process, Barack Hussein Obama managed to smoothly deflect criticism of his relationship with unrepentant terror bomber Bill Ayers of the 1960s Weatherman Underground. By continuously insisting that he was only 8 years old when Ayers planted bombs at the Pentagon, the U.S. Capitol, and New York City police headquarters America’s corporate journalists sucked up that defense, even though no one accused Obama of helping Ayers’ actually commit his crimes.

In fact Barack Obama had nothing whatsoever to do with Ayers bomb planting crimes.

And there you have it: The next time some nut case egalitarian accuses you of being a “Nazi” hater who is full of hate for opposing, say, mass immigration or miscegenation simply explain –as smoothly and as explicitly as possible– that Hitler invaded Poland long before you were born.



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