White Excuses

During the first week of September 2009 the following four news stories were posted nearly back to back at EAU’s news site, WVWN:

CNN’s Roland Martin: “Largely White” Opposition To Obama’s Speech To School Kids

Feds Investigating Claims of (white) Vigilantism in Post-Katrina New Orleans

Newsweeks’ War On White People

Obama Is Fast Losing White Voters’ Support

Why these four stories all appeared on the news wires, not just our news site, in the space of several days is somewhat striking to me. What you’re looking at is four negatively charged accounts concerning white people in America; all of which can be directly tied in to Barack Obama  while preceding his return to Washington from his vacation at Martha’s Vineyard.

Here’s the way I think we can all safely regard this confluence of negative accounts of white Americans. Somewhere someone sent up a signal that Barack Obama’s planned change for America is failing, and failing badly.  Its failing not because he’s doing anything wrong. Its failing not because he’s black, perish the thought. Still everyone in Obama’s orbit agrees that he’s failing. Therefore, the media and their sychophants in Washington DC want to make sure that when, not if, Barack Obama’s hope and change for America takes a screaming nose dive that the appropriate villain will be to blame: white people.  Less than a year into his presidency and the excuses are being floated.

I mean think about it. Prior to Obama’s  Tuesday speech to America’s school children and prior to his Wednesday speech on healthcare these four stories popped up like mushrooms in a cow pattie. That tells me certain movers and shakers know no one is buying his empty canned rhetoric anymore and the bigshots need the right excuses to explain why the jig is up.

You’ve got CNN’s Roland Martin, a mouthy black know-it-all, saying that white people are the primary opposition to Barack Obama’s speech to our school kids (so what if they are) and that kind of implicit solidarity simply shouldn’t be tolerated, right?

You’ve got the black attorney general Eric Holder sending a squad of nosy G-men down to New Orleans to bolster the rumor that ‘white militia’s’ went on a black folk killing spree following hurricane Katrina.

Then there’s Newsweeks’ hand-wringing guilt fest describing the fact that white children as young as six months old are still noticing things like race, that its a horrifying thought to think of white kids being proud of their identity.

And last but not least we see the LA Times breathlessly trotting out the news that Obama’s support among white voters is dropping faster than the Dow.

All four pieces were put out there to say one thing loud and clear: as Barack Obama’s policy failures continue to be rejected by the voters, it will be white voters in the here and now and their evil spawn kids in the dim-lit future that will be primarily to blame for the lack of hope and change Barack promised his ethnic and ideological sychophants.

Until these Obamacidal maniacs reach that highly refined state of phony systemic equality, the track record of which is at the expense of white Americans, then all of their efforts will have been in vain regardless of how lofty their ideals or noble their intent.

Because when it all crashes and burns excuses will be made and it can only result in one thing: payback time for you know who.


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