Let’s Back Up For a Minute

In my latest podcast entitled Time to Get Moving I opened my missive with this line:

“As many of you listening to this podcast already know national identity as practiced by European Americans … is something regarded as either against the law or a career killer in this phony era of political correctness.”

Around thirty six hours later I was contacted by our friends and allies over at Resisting Defamation who respectfully informed me that repeating this concept is a killer, and hurts what we are trying to do. While it’s easy to understand that European American activism can be blown out of proportion into the fantastic realms of breathless panic and fear  by those who truly hate, what I failed to look at is that “white” American identity is usually not that at all. Since today’s American identity is normally labeled and accepted as African-American or Mexican-American, it also means the typical white guy talking about his identify is not talking about his racial identity at all like we do at European Americans United. He is talking about his “assigned place” as an “American” devoid of his right to act and think on behalf of his threatened ethnicity, while he is free to act and think on behalf of the narrow definition of his “national identity” as given by the system.

My colleague, in part, continued: “We’ve proved here that we can expound our concept about the diverse white American peoples’ defensive political identity by making our remarks about nasty blacks, bronzes, Jews, etc. into simply remarks about the individual in question. For example, we regularly pound (verbally) the head of NAACP here, but we don’t attribute his nastiness to his skin color, his race, his continent-of-origin, his IQ…..we just “beat him up” for his use of slurs that expose his mind and heart about all the diverse white American peoples. Same with Obama: we go on the public stage (ads, community blogs) to hammer his mind and heart toward us (our people–Ed.) when we uses “acting white” (I know, that’s a stretch, but it works) or “typical white person.” But we don’t hammer his illegitimacy, his place of birth, his ultra-left politics, etc. We stick to attacking him for what his speech says about our race, not an attack based on his race. This all has to do with words and speeches (and concepts–Ed.), but there certainly is plenty of room for a diverse white American political identity.”

Good points as usual by our friends at Resisting Defamation.

Check ’em out.

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From Iraq: With Love and Dishonor

I have always resented NPR (National Public Radio) and their squishy sentimental pap. Their artsy coffee-house, insolent approach never fails to grate and irritate whenever I’m in the mood for a little cerebral masochism. Yes, I should know better. But I digress.

We are now treated to the story of a European American Marine stationed in Iraq who meets an Iraqi woman, Munira Shahamorad, fleeing an abusive brother and a life under the all-concealing black robes of Islam. Sgt. Steve Campbell of Ozark, Mo. and his exotic Iraqi girlfriend began having an illicit love affair on the base. The long and short of it is they eventually came to the United States, got married and had two children. Of course, just to ensure anyone listening has a different idea they are described as “any other American couple.” When their financial affairs took a nose dive following Sgt. Campbell’s honorable discharge, a diagnosis of PTSD, an injury he suffered as he worked a construction job, his wife now named “Venus” took a job as a stripper. Nice.

Additionally, we have to wonder what Sgt. Campbell’s views are with regard to the fact that while US Marines were being shot and killed in Iraq as they militarily secured whole cities and neighborhoods in the name of “democracy” that their own government has allowed the southern border with Mexico to remain as porous as a screen door on a submarine. And since my own experience tells me that Mexicans constitute a vast portion of construction workers it is feasible for me to believe that Sgt. Campbell worked with many of them.

Of course, NPR is presenting this tale with an implicit sympathy that bears out all the trappings of an ongoing effort toward multiculturalism. As far as NPR and unfortunately Sgt. Campbell is concerned “Venus” was just another “American” waiting to happen before she left her Muslim country; yet another Third World person who is able to replace a European American woman not only in a family setting but as a citizen. The fact that she has to strip in order to make ends meet only serves as sympathetic fodder for NPR to exploit white guilt upon an already deracinated listening public. Yes, it’s implicit, but it’s quite real.

Of course throughout history military personnel have always regarded an opposing enemies women as ‘booty’ for the taking, often by rape. It’s a tragic heartrending fact of life in the world of war; and no one denies its never happened, with people of European origins being no exception on either side of the issue. Following the dire warnings of George Washington who advocated the avoidance of entangling alliances overseas would have done much, at least in modern history, to have curtailed such tragedy.

But thanks to the culturally ambivalent efforts of publicly funded outlets like NPR and the willingness of people like Sgt. Campbell to listen, European Americans are destined for minority status by 2042.  Demographic trends which are regularly pitched by such informed bodies as the US Census Bureau, the United Nations, with a multitude of researchers, authors and public figures all in agreement: if modern abortion rates, attrition rates, and migration trends persist we will find ourselves a minority in a land that was originally meant to be a satellite of Europe’s people. Miscegenation of course plays a huge role in our racial demise.

No, there isn’t room here for everyone because they have an abusive family like “Venus” has; or as long as their paperwork is in order or they have the right attitude like the tolerance mongers at NPR like to say. Race does matter and the Founding fathers understood this quite well. In fact we all understood this “quite well” until a certain class of ‘subverters’ took their long march through the institutions and the media.  We can safely assume then that Sgt. Campbell was never informed or taught to care that as the non-white majority continues to develop in scope, power, and authority our nation will descend into chaos like Iraq has between the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds. All you need to do is look at other places like the previously Boer South Africa and French abandoned Haiti to understand this. As a matter of fact, elsewhere in the West and for the same cause Britain may fall to the steady march of the Muslims (not if the BNP can help it) and Australia will soon collapse under the weight of Asians and Middle Easterners.

No one can convince me other wise that Mr. Campbell could not have found a supportive and beautiful European American woman to raise his children. -- FR

No one can convince me other wise that Mr. Campbell could not have found a supportive and beautiful European American woman to raise his children. -- FR

But don’t look for NPR to face these issues with any semblance of race realism. In all of these places white Western people are being pushed, cajoled, whispered to and shouted at; generally scared to death to accept their self immolation by “progressive” churches, Marxist universities, and a variety of tax funded (NPR) non-white racial advocacy and rights groups. Lineage, ancestry and a desire to remain in the future by way of one’s distant continuity has been subverted and cleansed from a healthy portion of our people’s consciousness. And an Iraqi wife brought home by a lonely European American soldier is only one manifestation of those who view our people’s United States as nothing more than an economic playground and social experiment laboratory.

But we’re working on it.

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