Celebrate Homogeneity

I’d like to use this Web log to re-post the letter I told you about on 3 January. This is the one where I exhorted all of our fine listeners, members and supporters to copy it and send it to the RNC,  your elected representatives (local and state), their local media  and national media outlets, universities, friends, family and any other political leaning entity you can think of. Yes, that includes an enemies list –if you have one– including local (or regional) borderless immigration supporters, snivel rights groups and other deluded anti-white do-gooders — especially if there are European derived citizens working in these Marxist ops.  Hey, even they deserve the truth sometimes!

The point is EVERYONE needs to know that European Americans, who value not only their present lot in life, but also recognize the growing political social and demographic threat to their posterity, are not all noose-waving Roman saluting mental midgets… or federal agents, whatever the case may be. As we know that approach has not worked too well, except if you are an ADL/ SPLC functionary looking for a scary carrot to dangle in front of adoring supporters. A lucid well defined approach is needed badly and there are a growing number of allies in that category. Of course, ANY positive racial presentation by European American activists is “shocking”  to a large swath of folks at first blush. Sort of like when you first discovered there is no Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy. But the shock passes, a new way of thinking is installed usually over time, and the new reality turns out to be a-okay.


People’s knowledge of their own thoughts and the factors that influence their thinking are called into play whenever someone like YOU puts something “shocking” under a lemmings nose. From that point on the mental process of acquiring knowledge by way of reasoning, intuition, or perception is called into question, and that’s a good thing regardless of the degree of “discomfort” they experience.

In this case you are asked to unashamedly support, promote and celebrate white homogeneity.


Have fun and let us know how it goes. And by the way, feel free to edit or supplement the following communication — in our favor, of course.

Thanks. — Roman

To: Mike Duncan, RNC Chairman
Republican National Committee
310 First Street, SE
Washington DC 20003
Email: Chairman@gop.com

Dear Chairman Duncan;

We read with interest that State GOP leaders will soon gather in Washington to begin the development of charting a new approach for the Republican Party.
We also understand that the topic of race will be “fundamental to the discussion,” though not a specific item on the agenda. According to the December 30th issue of the Christian Science Monitor (CSM) there is “a recognition that the Republican Party has to do more to reach out to different constituencies and also shake off a legacy of using race for political advantage.” Also in the CSM piece it was stated that “2008 clearly served as a wake-up call to people in the party and the RNC that it takes more than just your base to win elections.”

We are assuming of course that the “base” you are referring to is European American voters, largely rural, of whom the RNC previously courted by way of the Southern Strategy. Now it appears the RNC plans to explicitly court “different constituencies,” i.e. non-white voters, by shaking off the technique of using race for political gain. This to us is a very ironic position to take.

Washington DC is the most race conscious city in the nation and the effects of years of ethnic pandering that made it so has become quite evident. It is where the anti-white race based Affirmative Action law was crafted and is now enforced. It is where you and / or your colleagues fund race-based groups, like the Mexican lobbyists for LaRaza and African lobbyists for the NAACP who hold sway over our legislative bodies, for example. Curiously, there is no explicit representation for European Americans, sans the Southern Strategy, a voting bloc that still holds around 65% of the US demographic makeup in 2008. As you may know however, that numerical position is slipping away. Recent studies have verified that on or around 2043 European Americans are set to become a minority population; an event which seems to be aligned with the RNC’s call “that it takes more than just your base to win elections?”Clearly then, it appears that for you and the RNC “winning elections” is the sum total of your desired outcome. Additionally, more and more thinking Americans are coming to understand policies favoring the interests of often hateful anti European American populations are adopted –more often than not– under threat of electoral revenge.

The constituents you will seek out belong to, support, or most likely support racially exclusive groups which thrive in the legal atmosphere of Washington, are promoted by the media and academia, and are therefore active across the country. The election of Barack Obama and the top heavy black vote he enjoyed is proof of this, which is to say the RNC now seeks to marginalize an already shrinking population of European American voters in favor of a burgeoning non-white voting bloc, all for the sake of winning elections and nothing more. Therefore we can see the foremost function of the Republicans and Democrats has always been to guard liberal democratic practices that facilitate political correctness, subservience and market transactions at the expense of all else.

How, we ask, has come to pass that unintelligent and irresponsible policies coming out of the Beltway have led to the appearance that greater racial diversity leads to greater originality? This is a question that deserves to be answered. That answer, in our view, lies in the fact that a multicultural top heavy non-white America in the not too distant future will never be equivalent to our homogeneous ancestor’s record of world changing success in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Trivializing the most loyal and innovative segment of the population this nation has ever had is not only ill-advised or irrational, it is immoral — especially when the RNC’s politically correct position is rooted in winning elections and nothing more. Additionally, the RNC cannot continue to pander and supplicate itself to race based lobbies, non-white lobbies, because the Washington press corps shares their values, much of which is based on racial hostility toward European Americans. Along with trepidation and outright fear, your fear, this reason alone to many of your constituents is why so-called conservatives have proved themselves unreservedly helpless at preventing damage to their own country by radical leftists. In fact the RNC’s two standard failings, a need of a spirit of hard line activism and its lack of any clearly defined ideological foundation, has been proven time and time again, especially now with many of your traditional white rural constituents having voted “against” George W. Bush rather than “for” Barack H. Obama.

Adopting a more “inclusive” posture such as the one described in the Christian Science Monitor is defensive rather than offensive, and your only progress will be to emulate leftist orthodoxy, not only further blurring the line between the Republicans and the Democrats but contributing to the political downfall of the descendants who founded this nation; who gave our world the true constitutional meaning of freedom and prosperity.

Moreover, this “inclusive” posture has been tried with John McCain who pandered endlessly to Mexican pressure groups, African-American pressure groups, Israeli lobbies and practically anyone who was not a European-American. This election marked a breaking point where Republicans, if they pay attention, should learn that it is entirely possible to alienate the Republican base sufficiently that it will vote for third-parties, and even vote for a Black democrat rather than support the undermining of conservative principles. It was pandering, rather than failure to pander, which cost Republicans the election. In anticipation of conservatives offering something bold and inspiring, many European Americans will continue to leave your “base.”

Until those claiming to be conservatives adopt a more ground-breaking view of life by restoring America’s constitutional government to one that unambiguously respects the European American people by promoting their interests, including their freedom of political association rather than accepting a new status quo, our nation and ALL of its people cannot possibly emerge triumphant from the life or death struggle in which we are presently engaged.

On behalf of our members and supporters we are;

Mr. Drago Rendl
Mr. Frank Roman
Mr. John Young

Board of Directors
European Americans United.org

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