Facebook: Damnable Hypocrites

European Americans United recently fired off a letter expressing our outrage over the fact that Facebook censored an online social network called Our White Identity. OWI, as the name implies, was a group dedicated to the acknowledgment and preservation of Western Man, i.e. people of European descent. Independently created and maintained by a number of members of EAU, from what we gather, this network not only gained around 1000 members but was operating under a strict code of ethics which all EAU members must agree to when they sign on.

Facebook however felt that a group like OWI was too “extreme” to be allowed a public place on their precious networking site so they dumped it for the ever reliable Violation of Terms. As a matter of fact we understand that several other Eurocentric groups, of whom we are not aquainted with, were pulled down that same day.

EAU’s board stated to Facebook in part:

“As one of the largest networking sites on the World Wide Web, you certainly must be aware that tens of dozens if not hundreds of non-European American, ethnic based groups are using Facebooks’ online services in order to communicate, network and associate with persons who share similar interests; whose standard for membership is that they must be exclusively of non-white origin. The fact that your censors chose to target OWI for participating in activities that are parallel to those of non-European interest groups tells us in no uncertain terms that Facbook is a bigoted, hypocritical, censorious outfit that operates with an ugly assumption of non-white supremacy.”


The Board additionally demanded that Facebook was to present “a list of infractions that are exclusive to OWI and no other group and subsequently reinstate them.” Needless to say they have not complied, so we asked one of the officers of OWI to do a little snooping around in Facebook and see what he could find in terms of Violation of Terms by other ethnic advocacy groups. Here is a partial list:

Black Pride
Black Pride
Black Pride
Black Pride
Black Pride
“Show These Honkies That We Proud! LOL”
Brown Pride (Pakistani/Indian)
Brown Pride (Mexican)
National Council of La Raza (Page)

Presumably these alleged groups are operating as communities become more racially dissimilar. They know it is important to set aside time to acknowledge and educate others on the contributions and diverse abilities of people within their community, while at the same time, reminding themselves of their rich heritage and promising future. In reality though, it appears these groups main and /or secondary motive for existing is to denigrate and attack “honkies.” And the fact these online communites are still functioning tells the world that Facebook is a nest of poisonous hypocrites, damnable hypocrites.
Of course, EAU would like to see Our White Identity brought back online. Help us put some badly needed pressure on Facebook to reinstate a healthy life affirming outfit like OWI.


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