Celebrate Homogeneity

I’d like to use this Web log to re-post the letter I told you about on 3 January. This is the one where I exhorted all of our fine listeners, members and supporters to copy it and send it to the RNC,  your elected representatives (local and state), their local media  and national media outlets, universities, friends, family and any other political leaning entity you can think of. Yes, that includes an enemies list –if you have one– including local (or regional) borderless immigration supporters, snivel rights groups and other deluded anti-white do-gooders — especially if there are European derived citizens working in these Marxist ops.  Hey, even they deserve the truth sometimes!

The point is EVERYONE needs to know that European Americans, who value not only their present lot in life, but also recognize the growing political social and demographic threat to their posterity, are not all noose-waving Roman saluting mental midgets… or federal agents, whatever the case may be. As we know that approach has not worked too well, except if you are an ADL/ SPLC functionary looking for a scary carrot to dangle in front of adoring supporters. A lucid well defined approach is needed badly and there are a growing number of allies in that category. Of course, ANY positive racial presentation by European American activists is “shocking”  to a large swath of folks at first blush. Sort of like when you first discovered there is no Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy. But the shock passes, a new way of thinking is installed usually over time, and the new reality turns out to be a-okay.


People’s knowledge of their own thoughts and the factors that influence their thinking are called into play whenever someone like YOU puts something “shocking” under a lemmings nose. From that point on the mental process of acquiring knowledge by way of reasoning, intuition, or perception is called into question, and that’s a good thing regardless of the degree of “discomfort” they experience.

In this case you are asked to unashamedly support, promote and celebrate white homogeneity.


Have fun and let us know how it goes. And by the way, feel free to edit or supplement the following communication — in our favor, of course.

Thanks. — Roman

To: Mike Duncan, RNC Chairman
Republican National Committee
310 First Street, SE
Washington DC 20003
Email: Chairman@gop.com

Dear Chairman Duncan;

We read with interest that State GOP leaders will soon gather in Washington to begin the development of charting a new approach for the Republican Party.
We also understand that the topic of race will be “fundamental to the discussion,” though not a specific item on the agenda. According to the December 30th issue of the Christian Science Monitor (CSM) there is “a recognition that the Republican Party has to do more to reach out to different constituencies and also shake off a legacy of using race for political advantage.” Also in the CSM piece it was stated that “2008 clearly served as a wake-up call to people in the party and the RNC that it takes more than just your base to win elections.”

We are assuming of course that the “base” you are referring to is European American voters, largely rural, of whom the RNC previously courted by way of the Southern Strategy. Now it appears the RNC plans to explicitly court “different constituencies,” i.e. non-white voters, by shaking off the technique of using race for political gain. This to us is a very ironic position to take.

Washington DC is the most race conscious city in the nation and the effects of years of ethnic pandering that made it so has become quite evident. It is where the anti-white race based Affirmative Action law was crafted and is now enforced. It is where you and / or your colleagues fund race-based groups, like the Mexican lobbyists for LaRaza and African lobbyists for the NAACP who hold sway over our legislative bodies, for example. Curiously, there is no explicit representation for European Americans, sans the Southern Strategy, a voting bloc that still holds around 65% of the US demographic makeup in 2008. As you may know however, that numerical position is slipping away. Recent studies have verified that on or around 2043 European Americans are set to become a minority population; an event which seems to be aligned with the RNC’s call “that it takes more than just your base to win elections?”Clearly then, it appears that for you and the RNC “winning elections” is the sum total of your desired outcome. Additionally, more and more thinking Americans are coming to understand policies favoring the interests of often hateful anti European American populations are adopted –more often than not– under threat of electoral revenge.

The constituents you will seek out belong to, support, or most likely support racially exclusive groups which thrive in the legal atmosphere of Washington, are promoted by the media and academia, and are therefore active across the country. The election of Barack Obama and the top heavy black vote he enjoyed is proof of this, which is to say the RNC now seeks to marginalize an already shrinking population of European American voters in favor of a burgeoning non-white voting bloc, all for the sake of winning elections and nothing more. Therefore we can see the foremost function of the Republicans and Democrats has always been to guard liberal democratic practices that facilitate political correctness, subservience and market transactions at the expense of all else.

How, we ask, has come to pass that unintelligent and irresponsible policies coming out of the Beltway have led to the appearance that greater racial diversity leads to greater originality? This is a question that deserves to be answered. That answer, in our view, lies in the fact that a multicultural top heavy non-white America in the not too distant future will never be equivalent to our homogeneous ancestor’s record of world changing success in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Trivializing the most loyal and innovative segment of the population this nation has ever had is not only ill-advised or irrational, it is immoral — especially when the RNC’s politically correct position is rooted in winning elections and nothing more. Additionally, the RNC cannot continue to pander and supplicate itself to race based lobbies, non-white lobbies, because the Washington press corps shares their values, much of which is based on racial hostility toward European Americans. Along with trepidation and outright fear, your fear, this reason alone to many of your constituents is why so-called conservatives have proved themselves unreservedly helpless at preventing damage to their own country by radical leftists. In fact the RNC’s two standard failings, a need of a spirit of hard line activism and its lack of any clearly defined ideological foundation, has been proven time and time again, especially now with many of your traditional white rural constituents having voted “against” George W. Bush rather than “for” Barack H. Obama.

Adopting a more “inclusive” posture such as the one described in the Christian Science Monitor is defensive rather than offensive, and your only progress will be to emulate leftist orthodoxy, not only further blurring the line between the Republicans and the Democrats but contributing to the political downfall of the descendants who founded this nation; who gave our world the true constitutional meaning of freedom and prosperity.

Moreover, this “inclusive” posture has been tried with John McCain who pandered endlessly to Mexican pressure groups, African-American pressure groups, Israeli lobbies and practically anyone who was not a European-American. This election marked a breaking point where Republicans, if they pay attention, should learn that it is entirely possible to alienate the Republican base sufficiently that it will vote for third-parties, and even vote for a Black democrat rather than support the undermining of conservative principles. It was pandering, rather than failure to pander, which cost Republicans the election. In anticipation of conservatives offering something bold and inspiring, many European Americans will continue to leave your “base.”

Until those claiming to be conservatives adopt a more ground-breaking view of life by restoring America’s constitutional government to one that unambiguously respects the European American people by promoting their interests, including their freedom of political association rather than accepting a new status quo, our nation and ALL of its people cannot possibly emerge triumphant from the life or death struggle in which we are presently engaged.

On behalf of our members and supporters we are;

Mr. Drago Rendl
Mr. Frank Roman
Mr. John Young

Board of Directors
European Americans United.org

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If They Call You a “Nazi…”

As many long time racial activists of European American persuasion already know, whenever the alleged “anti-racists” start to scream and hysterically call you a “Nazi” it is clear that people who do this have long ago decided that the art of thinking is way to hard. So, as they resort to bumper sticker slogans and self centered stupidity it would be worthwhile for European American activists to absorb the following idea.

During this past years’ single party sham of an alleged two party election process, Barack Hussein Obama managed to smoothly deflect criticism of his relationship with unrepentant terror bomber Bill Ayers of the 1960s Weatherman Underground. By continuously insisting that he was only 8 years old when Ayers planted bombs at the Pentagon, the U.S. Capitol, and New York City police headquarters America’s corporate journalists sucked up that defense, even though no one accused Obama of helping Ayers’ actually commit his crimes.

In fact Barack Obama had nothing whatsoever to do with Ayers bomb planting crimes.

And there you have it: The next time some nut case egalitarian accuses you of being a “Nazi” hater who is full of hate for opposing, say, mass immigration or miscegenation simply explain –as smoothly and as explicitly as possible– that Hitler invaded Poland long before you were born.



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John McCain in a “Nutshell”

The other day, when I saw former presidential candidate Senator John McCain bloviating about his desire to work on “comprehensive immigration reform” (you know, amnesty) with President elect Barack Hussein Obama, I pulled up the following quote he made during his run for the White House:

“We are a nation of many races…(and) many points of origin. But our one shared faith is the belief that a nation conceived in an idea will prove stronger, more enduring, and better than any nation…made from a common race or culture.”-Senator John McCain

What a guy. We have to wonder if this very thought had ever passed through the mind of Senator McCain –when and if– he ever walked the streets of Tokyo Japan (or even Saigon) with its nearly one hundred percent homogeneous population?

"Racism" at its finest, right Senator?

"Racism" at its finest, right Senator?

Concerning the nations in Africa we would bet he had to suppress this thought, however.

Post apartheid paradise


The Fish and Wildlife Service tells us that before a plant or animal group can receive protection under the Endangered Species Act, concerned persons must bring it to the attention of the proper authorities who then verify these concerns before putting it on the Federal list of endangered wildlife and plants. An “endangered” species is one which is threatened by extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its home. In other words, the life form in question is at risk of becoming extinct because it is either not reproducing or is threatened by changing environmental factors — or it’s being killed off by predators.

Only a few of the many species in the animal kingdom which are at risk of extinction obtain legal protection. Unfortunately, many more species become extinct, or potentially will become extinct, without gaining public notice. A few of the creatures that could very well face extinction are the Siberian Tiger, the Silverback Gorilla, the American Bison, the California Condor and the Loggerhead Sea Turtle, just to name a few. Certainly, many people have heard of these wonderful animals; and if these animals were to become extinct, at the end of the day a very small but vocal segment of the population (including myself) would decry this sad event while the rest would give two-flips-to-the-wind about it. Concerning the only other thing that might awaken the indolent sector of Americans to actually care about preserving something –(that) would be an immediate threat to their television viewing habits.

So while we cannot expect the US Fish and Wildlife Service to put persons of European descent on the list of endangered “species” let me state here and now – for the public record – that European Americans United believes that a corresponding entity such as the United Nations really should do exactly that. According to the U.S. Census Bureau sometime last year in 2007, the so-called “minority” population of the United States reached the 100 million mark. That means only two-thirds of Americans are whites of non-Hispanic background.  In four states – Hawaii, New Mexico, California and Texas – non-Hispanic whites are a distinct yet dwindling minority, complete with the cultural baggage of the interlopers overwhelming the landscape. The inexorable vector towards a less and less white United States will continue, even if U.S. borders could be hermetically sealed, because the younger the age of the demographic group, the less white they are. mccain-globalist1

Virtually half the nation’s children under the age of five are Hispanic, black or Asian. What’s more in 2006, the black American population officially reached 40 million. Because Blacks are regularly undercounted, we can assume that the real number is a lot more than 40 million. While the black population isn’t growing as fast as Hispanics – who are also undercounted — and Asians, European Americans are barely increasing their numbers at all; opting instead for abortion, birth control and childless families in order to facilitate their “careers.”

In other words the racial graffiti is on the wall. And just exactly what does that graffiti say? According to a 2008 Pew Research Center paper the population of the United States will grow to 438 million in 2050 from 296 million in 2005 if current population trends continue. Non-Hispanic whites – European Americans — will account for 47 percent (or less) of the total in 2050. By that time, one in every five “Americans” will be a foreign-born or Third World immigrant, compared to one in eight in 2005. That means 67 million Third World persons will be added to the population plus another 50 million of their children for a mind-boggling total of 117 million people. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Like Hillary Clinton and John McCain, Barak Obama must love this) Race does matter, and when the non-white majority continues to expand in scope, power, and influence our nation will descend into chaos. diversityAnd you can forget about affirmative action for our people, bank on it. All you need to do is look at places like the previously Boer White South Africa and French abandoned Haiti to understand this dangerous reality. As a matter of fact, elsewhere in the West and for the same reasons Britain is about to fall to the steady march of the Muslims and Australia will soon collapse under the weight of the Asians and Middle Easterners. You know as well as I do the vast majority of Third World immigrants will never admit there are flaws in their own culture that create the problems they are trying to move away from, which can only mean the same problems will follow them and be recreated in the countries to which they move. Like I’ve said before, our enemies in high places here in the United States have all but discarded their masks since they no longer feel compelled to hide their true intentions.  After all, when you observe the magnitude and velocity of our changing cultural and demographic trends toward a non-white America it is clear some where along the way “someone” decided the United States had reflected the people of Europe long enough — and it was time to for a change. Their malicious objective is on full display now; and as far as I am concerned their hearts are blacker than a lump of coal in a boxcar headed to Dachau.
If an awakening doesn’t come soon European Americans are permanently fated for minority status by the middle of this century if not sooner. But don’t look for that awakening or the information cited in this broadcast to come from mouths of people like Shawn Hannity, Rush Limbaugh or any particular strain of politician, clergy or university professor. They would find themselves cast into the outer darkness by their own colleagues faster than you can say ‘liars and damned liars.’ So it’s up to you. Remember…in the disciplines of biology and ecology, extinction is the ending of a way of life for a group (or race) which in turn actually reduces the precious diversity the politically correct crowd likes to squawk about. Any group (regardless of its ethnos) will become extinct when it is no longer able to survive in changing conditions or against superior competition. The moment of extinction is generally considered to be the death of the last individual of that species (although the capacity to breed and recover may have been lost long before this point). Because a species’ home range may be very large or scattered, determining this moment is difficult, and is usually done with hindsight. Now of course I am referring to European Americans in a worst case scenario — if the analogy wasn’t lost on you. But as it stands — according to the information we cited above — in 2050 if our people are unable to survive or reproduce in our own environment, and unable to move to a new environment where we can do so, we will eventually die out and become extinct if not pseudo extinct.And yet many Americans and their European cousins abroad continue to whistle past the graveyard at midnight preferring insipid distractions and mindless pursuits. They are utterly clueless about the future.

And while I cannot accurately predict what that future will bring in terms of either upheaval or enlightenment you can be sure something unpleasant could very well be in the works.

Let's hope not.

Let's hope not.

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What are YOU doing?

In case you hadn’t noticed (!) European Americans MUST work and then prepare to carry out effective political struggle in the shadow of our impending demographic crash on or before the year 2042-43.

It's not as far away as you think.

It's not as far away as you think.

Otherwise, the best we can look for is the consistent failure which has rewarded activists in the past. Only this time we may not get a second chance. Politically, spiritually and socially – online and on the streets — our organization has to lay a groundwork that will maintain us for a very long battle. And as a part of that battle it’s our job to show people how to turn cultural scrutiny on not only themselves but on society as a whole; in terms of qualitative, long-term thinking.

As we work deep within the system on behalf of our people, as individuals there are many practical things we need to do to give us any chance at all of surviving the oncoming changes. We need to start thinking in terms of real freedom. In other words if it’s even remotely possible we need to get rid of debt, own our own property, learn to grow and store our own food, perhaps produce our own electricity, have at least 1 years supplies of emergency items on hand, home school our children, learn how to do things for ourselves, and so on. The more we can do for ourselves without depending on an increasingly alien multicultural society, the better off we are.

It;s the Constitutional thing to do.

It's the Constitutional thing to do.

Since food, medical care and protection are used as weapons by the governments of the world, and who says the US is any different, we need to get the chains of wage-slavery and bureaucratic micromanagement off our necks — before we can make a difference in our personal lives. Find other EAU members and supporters. Interact to help each other by forming a group and work together with as little “drama” as possible. Two or more lucid sane individuals can do more and think of more ideas than one.

We can all see the orgy of bailouts and ghost-money manipulation that will translate into immeasurable debt for our offspring as the federal government, which long ago abandoned its Constitutional edict, tries to repair the unholy injuries it inflicted on a sleeping society — by way of intrusive meddling and power mad politics. Of course, the greatest bulk of the population paying the awful price has always been and will continue to be European Americans. nails3And there may soon come a time when our “elected representatives” decide to turn their power on their own people. In fact they have been doing so incrementally for decades; with an ideological shift away from a Eurocentric nation founded on the Bill of Rights, to a global multicultural, immoral basket case. With the exception of the forecast of our racial diminishment in 2042-43 and the resultant lack of interest by the media and government, no one can calculate in detail the net result of this unhinged plot but we can certainly make a few educated guesses.

It is clear, however, that our responsibility now is to continue our outreach efforts whatever they may be; finding the right people in the right places who will in turn reach across whatever barriers they must to find others of like mind. As time goes by – and there isn’t much of that commodity left – a structured collection of people and other resources will continue the improvement and growth of a strong ideological foundation that will ensure the survival of our folk.

Do what you can, wherever you are, with what you have -- Roman

Do what you can, wherever you are, with what you have -- Roman

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Freedom Alone

Not long ago, syndicated neoconservative talk show host,  Rush Limbaugh ( don’t TELL ME you haven’t heard of him), said the following which is an excerpt from a much longer monologue:

“There have been populations of people organized as countries since the founding of the planet, since it was created, and since humanity first appeared.  People have organized themselves in various ways:  groups, families, nations.  Now, the earth and humanity, depending on who you talk to, is millions of years old, billions of years old, and throughout the history of human beings, no group of human beings has ever produced the wealth, the freedom, the opportunity, the prosperity, the security, as Americans.  The United States of America, throughout human history, is the greatest nation however you wish to define it, in history.  Now, how did this happen?  We, the United States of America, are just human beings.  There are countries that exist at the same time we have, there are countries that existed long before we came into being, of course in Europe and Asia, Africa, Australia, the subcontinents.”

I think we can ascertain here what Mr. Limbaugh is saying. Admittedly, he offers us a scenario that suggests something most Americans no longer think about, and that is their origin in the here and now. But I wonder what he means when he says “we?”

Hello ladies. We agree.

Hello ladies. We agree.

Who exactly is we; we who have produced a standard of living unheard of and undreamed of even by people who were alive 100 years ago. We who have produced a country where the occupants have the highest expectations of opportunity, security, wealth, and education, than any group of human beings has ever had. Who is “we?”

He goes on:

After all China, Japan, Russia, the satellite countries, Italy, France, Australia — all these countries have been around much, much longer than we have.  And admittedly, people that founded this country came from Europe.  Why were they not able to do where they lived what they did here?  You realize our Founding Fathers were Brits.  Why were they not able to turn Great Britain or England into the United States when they lived there?

Rush Limbaugh answers this question himself by saying it was the “freedom” from political and social oppression that unharnessed the power that created what we know to be the United States. True enough, I suppose. England and Great Britain were under the rule of monarchs and were not able to exercise the kind of political movement that would eventually build the kind of nation that was later to become America. This condition, we assume, also applied to other Western nations like France, Italy, Australia, Switzerland, Ireland, etc as well as to more cloistered regimes in China, Russia, Japan, countries in the Middle East and in the lower Western hemisphere. Africa of course, with all of its satellite populations that had migrated or were forced across the earth through bondage, comes into play as well.

So in other words, while we can agree not all European derived persons could have replaced the original founders, is Rush saying that Africans and Muslims could just as well have done so? Right.

So in other words, while we can agree not all European derived persons could have replaced the original founders, is Rush saying that Africans and Muslims could just as well have done so? Right.

Rush is insinuating here that it was freedom and freedom alone that created the United States, as if freedom is mutually exclusive to the white people who carried the philosophy and outlook of freedom with them. Of course, it can be argued that Russians and Australians could not have built the United the States he’s talking about. But neither could Muslims or Africans. Yet he is clearly insinuating that freedom and freedom alone, regardless of whatever race of people exercised it, would have successfully gave us a country where the occupants have the highest expectations of opportunity, security, wealth, and education, than any group of human beings has ever had — complete with our Constitution and Bill of Rights. This suggestion on its face is ridiculous and smacks of racial relativism and equality dogma. No, its a safe bet that Russians and Chinese founders could not have given us the United States we used to have in the 40’s, 50’s and parts of the sixties. And again, neither could Africans and Middle Easterners. But the irrefutable fact that it WAS British Europeans, who extrapolated the best from their own people’s global wisdom and learned bitter lessons from their foul/ups — who did not share total equality with not only their global racial kinsmen but non-white races as well — saw the time was right and set out to create a true homeland for a distinct race of people.

The wild success of Pat Buchanan’s excellent book “The Death of the West” should reinforce our position here: that although no two European derived nations or groups are on equal footing the fact remains that it is our folk alone who are capable of reproducing themselves and carrying on our culture family by family; that it is culture that can reinforce our genes; and it is our genes that create the culture. The same goes for all races of man. When Rush Limbaugh says that we, the United States of America, are just human beings he’s trying to buffalo his followers to believe that Haitians and Zimbabweans are just the same as Russians and Frenchmen — ALL OF WHOM would have been just as successful in creating America ( as we know it) through freedom alone. Nonsense. Racial variables are one thing. But this is just a nice way for people like Rush to peddle corporate racial equality which, as we know, affects the bottom line.

Now having said all that, we can almost hear the shrieks of horror and demands for my being burned at the stake for heresy; and I would bet that, on some level, Rush would agree with that sentence.

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Needless to say there is much trepidation in the ranks of the neocons over the (possible) impending election of the Mocha Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama. Yes, I know that’s a crude thing to say but when it comes down to it that’s exactly what he is, or purports to be by way of the Moveon.org media. (Just ask any one of his ninetieth percentile racially conscious black voters.) Neoconservative talk radio has spared no ammunition trying to marginalize Obama’s efforts to be the next Socialist in Chief, and leading this pack of corporate talkers is our old friend Rush Limbaugh. Not even the onset of a Bill Clinton presidency caused Rush to become so inflamed.

In response to a massive nationally broadcast Obama infomercial scheduled for 29 October and which has already aired — I’ll catch it on YouTube– earlier in the day Rush had posted a preemptive rebuttal to Obama’s impending gas baggery. Below you will see a couple of important paragraphs from his speech. My comments are in red.


= Roman

“And so it is, my fellow Americans, that I urge you to reject Barack Obama and his cynical campaign for president.  I urge you to reject the policies and the wording of the charismatic demagogue.  Barack Obama condemns the United States Constitution, our highest law, because it does not empower him to redistribute the income of the middle class and give it to people who do not work.”

I’d say it could be argued that the redistribution of wealth “anti racists” such as Rush decries would have come at a much slower pace, and possibly stopped, had the United States remained majority Euro homogenous. National cynicism was put into motion well before the Marxist Sixties, which is when it finally came to fruition while charismatic demagoguery was perfected alongside a tidal wave of advanced media technology.  The United States went from a  robust homogenous self sustaining European derived nation to one that decided to embrace multiculturalism and political correctness as a way to undermine not only itself but Western culture overall. Through the mantra of “tolerance” the next generation empowered itself to not only open the borders to the Third World (and encourage radical feminism and white abortion) but to also redistribute European Americans income by way of anti Western multiculturalism.

Obama condemns our judicial system not because it’s too liberal and too activist, but because it will not impose his left-wing policies by judicial fiat.  Obama believes that the tax code should be used not to fund the legitimate purposes of government, but to massively expand the size and power of the federal government.  It’s time for change.  It is time for the kind of change that has made this country great and the change we seek, the change that matters is change that expands our liberty, expands opportunities, expands wealth creation, and expands our horizons.  It is time to celebrate capitalism, not demonize it.  It’s time to celebrate success, not punish it.  It is time to ignite our economy, not smother it.

These “changes” Rush refers to were already in place, so what he ought to be saying is that it’s time to change things back to what they were. Left wing policies, the size and power of the federal government, an onerous tax code were all but non-existent when the United States was racially homogenous; when ethical men walked the halls of power prior to the non-stop brainwashing of multiculturalism. Now European Americans who were once self avowed yet marginalized Marxists are now the majority chanting for free stuff over freedom.

Barack Obama speaks the language of the socialist.  Barack Obama peddles class warfare.  He peddles human envy. This is not what American leaders do.  This is not what would-be American presidents should do.  This is the tactic of the authoritarian, to create animosity, to create anger, to create fear, all for the purpose of undermining the strength and the unity of our society.

Strength and unity used to exist when the United States was comprised of one community of people originating from Europe. Absent the fight against established Western culture and institutions that were deeply corrupted by Marxist-inspired creeds in the 60’s and 70’s, no Constitution or Bill of Rights will succeed in capturing that unity until race realism is drilled into everyone’s head, specifically the craniums of most European Americans, and peaceful segregation is achieved. Class warfare and human envy have always been with us, but a nation of similar derived people can more easily overcome these maladies by way of a common ancestry and common values; reinforced without the cries of tolerance for racial equality muddling up the ideological landscape.

Barack Obama comes from a long line of ideologues who puts the interests of big government above the interests of the individual and the interests of the family.  He seeks to replace the American entrepreneurial spirit with government regulations and mandates.

Rush would agree at least implicitly that the use of multiculturalism hides the fact that we have misplaced or abandoned not only control over our national borders but placed government over the interests of the family by redefining the family. However, under the banner of racial and cultural Oneness this would be harder to achieve though not impossible.

James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, all embraced the principle that America was a different place because of its respect for the individual.

That’s part of the problem. The Founders understood that a nation was comprised of one people, who all looked alike and spoke the same language. Madison, Jefferson and Lincoln were race realists and race loyalists. Ronald Reagan was not. America was different because of its people, a people who realized and implemented their freedom from the best ideologies and traditions of Europe. This respect for the individual as we used to know it could not have been achieved had, say; the United States was founded under similar conditions by Haitians or Mexicans.

They did not talk about the government redistributing wealth.  They did not talk about the government punishing success.  They did not talk about the government reregulating the economy.  They did not say that paying more taxes was patriotic.

Nowadays, the federal government redistributes an overly large portion of middle class wealth to illegal immigrants, mostly Mexicans but not limited to them and their heavily larded advocacy groups; groups who make no bones about the reality that they wish to replace European Americans.

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Let’s Back Up For a Minute

In my latest podcast entitled Time to Get Moving I opened my missive with this line:

“As many of you listening to this podcast already know national identity as practiced by European Americans … is something regarded as either against the law or a career killer in this phony era of political correctness.”

Around thirty six hours later I was contacted by our friends and allies over at Resisting Defamation who respectfully informed me that repeating this concept is a killer, and hurts what we are trying to do. While it’s easy to understand that European American activism can be blown out of proportion into the fantastic realms of breathless panic and fear  by those who truly hate, what I failed to look at is that “white” American identity is usually not that at all. Since today’s American identity is normally labeled and accepted as African-American or Mexican-American, it also means the typical white guy talking about his identify is not talking about his racial identity at all like we do at European Americans United. He is talking about his “assigned place” as an “American” devoid of his right to act and think on behalf of his threatened ethnicity, while he is free to act and think on behalf of the narrow definition of his “national identity” as given by the system.

My colleague, in part, continued: “We’ve proved here that we can expound our concept about the diverse white American peoples’ defensive political identity by making our remarks about nasty blacks, bronzes, Jews, etc. into simply remarks about the individual in question. For example, we regularly pound (verbally) the head of NAACP here, but we don’t attribute his nastiness to his skin color, his race, his continent-of-origin, his IQ…..we just “beat him up” for his use of slurs that expose his mind and heart about all the diverse white American peoples. Same with Obama: we go on the public stage (ads, community blogs) to hammer his mind and heart toward us (our people–Ed.) when we uses “acting white” (I know, that’s a stretch, but it works) or “typical white person.” But we don’t hammer his illegitimacy, his place of birth, his ultra-left politics, etc. We stick to attacking him for what his speech says about our race, not an attack based on his race. This all has to do with words and speeches (and concepts–Ed.), but there certainly is plenty of room for a diverse white American political identity.”

Good points as usual by our friends at Resisting Defamation.

Check ’em out.

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From Iraq: With Love and Dishonor

I have always resented NPR (National Public Radio) and their squishy sentimental pap. Their artsy coffee-house, insolent approach never fails to grate and irritate whenever I’m in the mood for a little cerebral masochism. Yes, I should know better. But I digress.

We are now treated to the story of a European American Marine stationed in Iraq who meets an Iraqi woman, Munira Shahamorad, fleeing an abusive brother and a life under the all-concealing black robes of Islam. Sgt. Steve Campbell of Ozark, Mo. and his exotic Iraqi girlfriend began having an illicit love affair on the base. The long and short of it is they eventually came to the United States, got married and had two children. Of course, just to ensure anyone listening has a different idea they are described as “any other American couple.” When their financial affairs took a nose dive following Sgt. Campbell’s honorable discharge, a diagnosis of PTSD, an injury he suffered as he worked a construction job, his wife now named “Venus” took a job as a stripper. Nice.

Additionally, we have to wonder what Sgt. Campbell’s views are with regard to the fact that while US Marines were being shot and killed in Iraq as they militarily secured whole cities and neighborhoods in the name of “democracy” that their own government has allowed the southern border with Mexico to remain as porous as a screen door on a submarine. And since my own experience tells me that Mexicans constitute a vast portion of construction workers it is feasible for me to believe that Sgt. Campbell worked with many of them.

Of course, NPR is presenting this tale with an implicit sympathy that bears out all the trappings of an ongoing effort toward multiculturalism. As far as NPR and unfortunately Sgt. Campbell is concerned “Venus” was just another “American” waiting to happen before she left her Muslim country; yet another Third World person who is able to replace a European American woman not only in a family setting but as a citizen. The fact that she has to strip in order to make ends meet only serves as sympathetic fodder for NPR to exploit white guilt upon an already deracinated listening public. Yes, it’s implicit, but it’s quite real.

Of course throughout history military personnel have always regarded an opposing enemies women as ‘booty’ for the taking, often by rape. It’s a tragic heartrending fact of life in the world of war; and no one denies its never happened, with people of European origins being no exception on either side of the issue. Following the dire warnings of George Washington who advocated the avoidance of entangling alliances overseas would have done much, at least in modern history, to have curtailed such tragedy.

But thanks to the culturally ambivalent efforts of publicly funded outlets like NPR and the willingness of people like Sgt. Campbell to listen, European Americans are destined for minority status by 2042.  Demographic trends which are regularly pitched by such informed bodies as the US Census Bureau, the United Nations, with a multitude of researchers, authors and public figures all in agreement: if modern abortion rates, attrition rates, and migration trends persist we will find ourselves a minority in a land that was originally meant to be a satellite of Europe’s people. Miscegenation of course plays a huge role in our racial demise.

No, there isn’t room here for everyone because they have an abusive family like “Venus” has; or as long as their paperwork is in order or they have the right attitude like the tolerance mongers at NPR like to say. Race does matter and the Founding fathers understood this quite well. In fact we all understood this “quite well” until a certain class of ‘subverters’ took their long march through the institutions and the media.  We can safely assume then that Sgt. Campbell was never informed or taught to care that as the non-white majority continues to develop in scope, power, and authority our nation will descend into chaos like Iraq has between the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds. All you need to do is look at other places like the previously Boer South Africa and French abandoned Haiti to understand this. As a matter of fact, elsewhere in the West and for the same cause Britain may fall to the steady march of the Muslims (not if the BNP can help it) and Australia will soon collapse under the weight of Asians and Middle Easterners.

No one can convince me other wise that Mr. Campbell could not have found a supportive and beautiful European American woman to raise his children. -- FR

No one can convince me other wise that Mr. Campbell could not have found a supportive and beautiful European American woman to raise his children. -- FR

But don’t look for NPR to face these issues with any semblance of race realism. In all of these places white Western people are being pushed, cajoled, whispered to and shouted at; generally scared to death to accept their self immolation by “progressive” churches, Marxist universities, and a variety of tax funded (NPR) non-white racial advocacy and rights groups. Lineage, ancestry and a desire to remain in the future by way of one’s distant continuity has been subverted and cleansed from a healthy portion of our people’s consciousness. And an Iraqi wife brought home by a lonely European American soldier is only one manifestation of those who view our people’s United States as nothing more than an economic playground and social experiment laboratory.

But we’re working on it.

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Betrayal to Nature’s Calling

Miscegenation, a noun, is defined as:
1. marriage or cohabitation between a man and woman of different races, esp., in the U.S., between a black and a white person.
2. interbreeding between members of different races.
3. the mixing or a mixture of races by interbreeding.

In 2006, the gonorrhea rate among black men was 25 times higher than that among white men

In 2006, the gonorrhea rate among black men was 25 times higher than that among white men

While miscegenation or “race mixing” as it is commonly referred to has been around since a short time after man decided to stand straight there has always been an unwritten code that said racial blending goes against Nature. Later, that implicit code of Nature was manifested into outward social behavior complete with penalties, and finally into explicit law. Needless to say these laws have been swept away by political correctness, which is to say that a millennium of strict adherence to racial preservation was wrong and the socio-political oligarchs who burned these laws at the stake are right.To illustrate my point I recently took a cross country flight and observed countless examples of miscegenation complete with children whose visage indicated their in uteri development was in a state of constant flux right up until they were born. No identity, no certainty — and not necessarily between blacks and whites exclusively although that pairing (black males, white females) was by far the most prominent.

(In 2005, blacks accounted for 50% of the AIDS cases diagnosed in the U.S, while being only 13% of the total population.)

At the risk of sounding cliche’ it is through movies, for example, we are subjected to images of young European American girls having sex with black men, the epitome of degeneracy. (Like commercials which are designed to alter behavior so too do motion pictures.) Through the churches we are told over and over again that we are all God’s children and race means nothing compared to “eternity” as long as we are “saved.” Of course schools universities and workplaces beat the same multicultural drum with European Americans targeted for self immolation. Of course it doesn’t help that European American groups do not receive the same federal and corporate financial backing as non-white advocacy groups receive.

To become a healthy people again we have to to do many things in a different way as a nation.  The things we teach our children, and the way we teach them is directly connected to the nature of society, and we can certainly see the results of abdicating that responsibility to the state and the media can’t we? At least in many cases. The kind of government we want, the way the economy works, and the perception people have of themselves is directly tied into the conditioning and education of our young people. If our young people fail because of our inaction, or worse, our laziness, everything else including our genetic continuity will fail, too.

Everything in Nature has a purpose, and humans, like all other species (humans are NOT a race) of the earth, have an instinct that calls them to only mate with others that look, act, and basically share the same genetic origins as themselves. There is nothing criminal or unfavorable in doing so, although there are those who are working to ensure it is. The natural instinct to stay amongst one’s own kind serves the purpose of keeping ALL species of man diverse, so that all species as a whole is less likely to become extinct by a catastrophic or freak occurrence.

In other words while so-called “racism” breeds true diversity, miscegenation through biracial birth rates results in NO diversity. How is that a good thing?

A typical advertisement designed to specifically alter the viewer's perception of themselves.

A typical advertisement designed to specifically alter the viewer's mind.

However, as you can see in the enclosed photographs of the young ladies and their “love interests,” pictures which epitomizes how “progressive” we are in 2008 there is still somewhat of a long way to go in terms of an awakening, but were getting there.

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American Genocide: Inaction is Not an Option

You might as well get used to it.

This blog and our future pod casts over at Western Voices World News will, at any given opportunity, continue to address the ongoing racial destabilization process running amok in the United States as we speak. As far as I am concerned it would be akin to resisting the process of water boarding. No man or woman in their right mind would passively allow themselves to endure the sensation of drowning for hours on end without a monumental fight for their lives. We, the indigenous American men and women of European descent are being water boarded to death; and so far no one is kicking open the door to stop it. At least not anyone who wears the undeserved title of elected representative.

So like I say: get used to it. Playtime is over. Put away your moldy old flags and Germanic-sounding greetings. It doesn’t work and it never will. It’s time to get real. You can start by getting married and having children as soon as possible. No joke.

As my first Word Press post I have chosen  excerpts from an essay/pod cast yours truly produced not all that long ago.

Be safe.


On our European Americans United homepage under the heading Our Position on Immigration we say — and zealously believe – the following:

“In any given nation, cultures and civilizations are the result of the experience of the basic foundational people and their values. In Europe and European-derived nations like America, our people are under the demographic threat of unchecked Third World immigration and the consequent destruction of our unique way of life. As more and more Third World immigrants pour across our borders in America and Europe, they will unquestionably change our traditions, our cultures, and even our forms of government. Our ideals of democracy, individual freedom, and personal responsibility are unique and exist in this form among no other peoples of the world; we wish to preserve these ideals and pass them along to future generations of European Americans.

We recognize that, should our nation ever attain a non-European majority, our ways of life will be forever lost; they will be replaced by the ways of life cherished by the Third World populations who will then control our political process. America’s culture and political system will then, of course, simply reflect its Third World majority—it will begin to resemble Mexico, or Haiti, or Cuba. In European Americans United, we want more for our children and the future generations of our families.”

Now I think that’s a fairly straight forward statement of purpose, don’t you?

According to an exhaustive study by the National Policy Institute: “The big population story of the 21st Century is shaping up to be the status reversal of whites and blacks and the Indian baby boom. A side bar will be the single digit minority role that whites will assume. Of the 7 population groups studied, only whites are projected to sustain an absolute decline in numbers. In 1950 whites and blacks were respectively 27.98% and 8.97% of world population. By 2060 these figures will almost reverse as blacks surge to 25.38% and whites shrink to 9.76%. From (the year) 2010 the white population will decline while blacks will add 1.2 billion to their numbers. In this time frame the Indian subcontinent will gain 1.2 billion people. These groups and their governments will be looking for elbow room, and the diminished presence of whites in Europe, and especially in the relatively wide open spaces North America, will provide such an opportunity. Specifically, countries like Canada, the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and Russia can expect to be pressured to accept collectively hundreds of millions of refugees from India, and sub-Sahara Africa.”

Of course, NPI are not the first to point this out and they won’t be the last. But the circumstances around us remain unbroken. That’s right – Genocide. In 1948 the United Nations defined genocide — in part — as “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, … deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.” I don’t know about you but that sounds exactly what the NPI report and others have been saying is taking place right now; that certain entities are inflicting on the group – us — conditions of life, calculated to bring about our physical destruction in whole or in part.”

They’re not doing it with shotguns, rifles and pistols. They’re not doing it with fighter jets. They’re not even doing it with tanks, rocket launchers, or even roadside bombs. No, they’re committing genocide against white America with bought and paid for legislation, greed, political correctness and public policy disguised as being moral. Why? Because they know all too well about our people’s systemically induced racial apathy, a racial apathy they themselves have put into place through their outlets in the media, the universities and in the halls of power. You don’t even have to listen to what they say to understand their intentions. Just look at what the results of their deadly policies have been.

It’s called genocide when miscegenation is viewed as decent; genocide when you see a white girl with non-white children; genocide when they say we are all equal and is enforced by law; genocide when accepting or rejecting diversity could mean your job; genocide when non-whites are given preference over whites in the private sector; genocide when white kids portray themselves in public as wiggers; genocide when we permit another illegal Mexican to demand his “rights;” genocide when our children are taught their ancestors are historically evil; genocide when a healthy white baby is dismembered in the womb; genocide when we lose the sovereignty of our nation while the system, which we did not directly elect, is deliberately inflicting on our people conditions of life, calculated to bring about our physical destruction in whole or in part.”

Now the big question is: what are you going to do about it?

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