America Has Spread Her Legs for Yet Another “Rock Star.”

We can encapsulate the Republicrats’ woeful idiocy here, once and for all: the abortion issue.

A smooth talking inexperienced con artist who rose through the political ranks of one of America’s most corrupt (and non-white) cities is set to penetrate the Oval Office. Assisted by the anti-white, pro “minority” supremacists in the extremist media who told the Big Lies until they were believed, along with their extended family in the mob and Hollywood “artists” who like our money — perpetrated the kind of three way orgy that will set itself apart in politics for years to come.

And where were the so-called conservatives, the so-called Republicans, the so-called white man’s party? They were busy in the form of John McCain (actually John “Cain”) heaping Obamanation praises and, conversely, flatulent arguments against the Marxist juggernaut on which the American people bought the ticket to ride. And what a smooth ride. The “American people” assumed the mantle of “freedom” by dissing their responsibility, by “feeling” superior as they inhaled more bong hits of lies and obfuscations — and then voted.

When the typical Obama voter looks at the word, the world looks back.

When the typical Obama voter looks at the world, the world looks back.

John Cain and the republicrats have surrendered our nation to the Newspeak lies that will be touted as truth and we will have to go into extra innings to win this game.

We now hear the alleged Republicans are trying to retool their strategy for next time. We hear nice noises about returning to ‘the base.’ They can dance around the issue all they because “the base” means European Americans who reside in small towns and urban enclaves who stubbornly hold traditional implicit whiteness as an anchor against the prevailing socialist headwinds masked as tolerance and multiculturalism. (Never mind that 93% of black voters who elected Obama voted for his alleged blackness.) Of course the Republicrats won’t dare explicitly solicit ‘those people’  lest they be exiled to the Land of (Trent) Lott.  Hispanics though are a different matter. They’re not white.

Of course, the Republicrats and their neoconservative “Hannitized” base are clueless. They passed up two chances to elect men who would have come closest to implementing their “smaller government-lower taxes-closed border mantra: Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin; prostrating instead to the other washed up rock star, doddering insider John Cain. And I believe we can encapsulate the Republicrats woeful idiocy here, once and for all: the abortion issue.


I personally loathe abortion for its violence and cruelty. It should be outlawed. But it is now and always will be a wedge issue from now on, one that goes up someones backside and splits into opposing sided cheeks of the same body politic. Certain mouth organs and scribblers during this sorry excuse for an election maintained that decent Christians can only vote for John Cain; and to do otherwise would send you to hell. Hypocrites. The Republicans will only love us as long as we reside in our mothers womb, and after that the relationship begins to cool. As far as Republicans are concerned as long as we are ensconced comfortably in the protruding sweetness of our mothers womb we are special, almost divine. But post natal is different. Then they pretend we’re not in the same room as they “reach across the aisle” for the trashy looking dame cooing her watered down siren song: get along for the sake of political expediency or I’ll cut you off. Then in order to humor the post natal dupes (us) they pretend to oppose open borders, pretend to oppose foreign conquest, higher taxes, federal snooping, and regulations on our daily lives that would make Stalin masturbate in his grave. Therefore the Republicans are self serving “friends.” But sooner than later, with proper lucid activism they will have to answer for it.

It's okay. Get mad.

It's okay. GET mad.

For now however: prenatal, we’re their hot date. Postnatal, after they’ve had their way and used us as a campaign issue, they don’t even return our phone calls.

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  1. Ha ha, Great Column. Now, tell us how you REALLY feel….LOL

    God bless you for your honesty.

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