Fascist Cradles

How bizarre it is when liberals, leftists and other maniacs suggest that nations where abortion is a “right” are more “democratic” than others. Standing in the shadow of Planned Parenthood, which is the equivalent of a baby slaughterhouse, these creatures bawl that policies backed by the baby slaughterhouse are utterly essential to democratic government and that opposition to those policies is something akin to being undemocratic or fascist.


In the United Sates alone abortion on demand did not come from the ballot box with people physically voting for representatives (on the state or federal level) who would legalize the operation of baby slaughterhouses. No, instead it was unelected Supreme Court “justices” undemocratically imposing abortion “rights” on the masses through the dreadful Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 backed up by the fire power of the police and the federal government. Of course, even the most determined lawmaker who has attempted to impose the most benign restrictions on the baby slaughterhouses, appointed unelected judges have gleefully struck down those limitations and thwarted the alleged “will of the people.”

Needless to say, while sentient people oppose the death of any blameless infants, European Americans who so far are destined for minority status in the next few decades can benefit the most without this horrible practice (Podcasts: How to have more white babies). Then again, it has been by slow imperceptible degrees that people have been financially manipulated and systemically induced to embrace the stainless steel sink over the cradle.

This is called “freedom.”

In China, abortion was imposed by the end of a rifle and threats of prison by unelected bureaucrats as it was in the Soviet Union—again, pulling an end run around the will of the people. In other words, tragic regularity is the hallmark of abortion on demand enforced by antidemocratic ways.

Baby slaughterhouses are not the epitome of freedom, but they are the embodiment of fascism.

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  1. When I read some of the pro abortion articles I say Oh My God, disturbing. How can they twist things around so much to equate the pro-life movement with fascism.
    When I see the pictures of obviously dead babies it is to say the least frightening. There seems to be something terribly wrong upstairs. Last night I said to myself maybe I shouldn’t question Gods judge ment in
    and that in his own time in his own way. No one can deny that we all die, and what happens after is any ones guess. When I die I would like to think I stood up for the right of every one to live. A lot of people now are showing their true colors and it ain’t pretty. I noticed that pro-choice Ted Kennedy pretty much hung on to his own life by threads while saying perfectly healthy babies should die. Ronald Reagan said there is no greater cause then the pro life cause. Any person should be horrified by this crime against humanity. When I was younger and sadly ignorant and uneducated to the facts of life, I didn’t think humans would be capable of such a heinous act. Pro Choice people please tell me more lies and distortions to justify these horrors. Tell me how intelligent you are and how stupid pro life people are. Abortion is not freedom it is tyranny of the highest order.

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