Let’s Back Up For a Minute

In my latest podcast entitled Time to Get Moving I opened my missive with this line:

“As many of you listening to this podcast already know national identity as practiced by European Americans … is something regarded as either against the law or a career killer in this phony era of political correctness.”

Around thirty six hours later I was contacted by our friends and allies over at Resisting Defamation who respectfully informed me that repeating this concept is a killer, and hurts what we are trying to do. While it’s easy to understand that European American activism can be blown out of proportion into the fantastic realms of breathless panic and fear  by those who truly hate, what I failed to look at is that “white” American identity is usually not that at all. Since today’s American identity is normally labeled and accepted as African-American or Mexican-American, it also means the typical white guy talking about his identify is not talking about his racial identity at all like we do at European Americans United. He is talking about his “assigned place” as an “American” devoid of his right to act and think on behalf of his threatened ethnicity, while he is free to act and think on behalf of the narrow definition of his “national identity” as given by the system.

My colleague, in part, continued: “We’ve proved here that we can expound our concept about the diverse white American peoples’ defensive political identity by making our remarks about nasty blacks, bronzes, Jews, etc. into simply remarks about the individual in question. For example, we regularly pound (verbally) the head of NAACP here, but we don’t attribute his nastiness to his skin color, his race, his continent-of-origin, his IQ…..we just “beat him up” for his use of slurs that expose his mind and heart about all the diverse white American peoples. Same with Obama: we go on the public stage (ads, community blogs) to hammer his mind and heart toward us (our people–Ed.) when we uses “acting white” (I know, that’s a stretch, but it works) or “typical white person.” But we don’t hammer his illegitimacy, his place of birth, his ultra-left politics, etc. We stick to attacking him for what his speech says about our race, not an attack based on his race. This all has to do with words and speeches (and concepts–Ed.), but there certainly is plenty of room for a diverse white American political identity.”

Good points as usual by our friends at Resisting Defamation.

Check ’em out.

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